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Royal Illustrations!

What great fun it was to spend a couple of days drawing royal things! Nicki from The Stitchery approached me for some black and white artwork, with a distinctly royal theme, to use on her extra special Platinum Jubilee keepsake boxes. Nicki creates quite of few of these lovely boxes on various themes (I love the look of her Christmas eve box) and they all have a collection of creative embroidery projects and goodies produced by her business as well as some other nice treats from small UK producers.

I had free rein on this commission which is always my idea of heaven! The only stipulation was that the images needed to be in black and white and I created loads of them so that Nicki had the choice of what to include. By the end of the job, I had drawn a Beefeater, three corgis, union jack bunting, the crown jewels, union jack flags, a royal cup of tea, a lettered logo, the royal guard, lace boarders, decorative indents, two horses and a cupcake (complete with flag!). Phew!!

As you can see from the first few pictures, the designs were used to great effect on the box, tissue paper and ribbon by Nicki's designer Lucy at Three Six Five Creative. Nicki has also create a special mini motif tracing book with all the illustrations in so they can be applied to you own choice of surface. Commissions can be tricky things but this one was a pleasure and pushed me into new directions...drawing corgis and horses definitely took me out of my comfort zone!!


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