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A Paper Forest

Here are the some of the beautiful results from my free Winter Trees workshop...if you fancy having a go your can find it here...

Here's what people are saying...

Thank you, Lucia. I had fun just playing again, no pressure. My neighbour's trees were my models.

I used a metallic watercolour for the blobs and alternated between coloured pencils and coloured micron pens. It was a lot of fun! Karen

Just a quick note to say that I loved your short Trees workshop. It was just what I needed in so many ways. It got me back to sketching after a holiday break and best of all it made me really look at trees again. There are so many varieties.  They feature in many of my painting efforts and sketching them this way got me working on looking more carefully and then trying to capture what I saw while working from my imagination, which was harder than I thought it would be! I also liked Your idea to use different tools, which also changed the results. Pamela

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