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Hello, I'm Lucia

I work as an artist, letterer and teacher and have found my own visual language through creating illustrated journals and artist books. I have become known for my relaxed and creative approach to drawing which has been described as 'quietly joyful... a nostalgic, moving and profound treasure chest of creativity and inspiration'

My journals and sketchbooks record life as it happens, conversations, inspirations and experiments and many of them are handmade with a range of papers and combine traditional and experimental hand lettering with watercolour, collage and mixed media sketches. I love playing with small book forms and paper.


I'm endlessly inspired by a diverse range of things: the old, rusty and wonky, worn architectural patinas, ancient diagrams, aged buildings, old books and ephemera, explorers' sketchbooks and vintage field guides. I love people watching, homes, gardens and documenting collected objects.

Illustrated journalling can be a daunting prospect for many artists, irrelevant of experience, as it relies on developing and combining a range of skills as well as an innate sense of design. The pages of an illustrated journal are not planned in advance and 'grow' gradually with a series of small creative decisions. A personal sketchbook, however, should be a safe place to create your art as, like a diary, it can be a private place to explore ideas and make mistakes.


If you'd like to begin journalling or learn how to enjoy creating art through mindful sketchbook projects subscribe to my regular newsletter for updates about the workshops and classes I teach online which encourage confidence and happiness through a unique and personal creative practice.

My illustrations and lettering have been applied to stone memorials and house signs as well as laser cut signage for film, TV, home decor, advertising, branding, books, wall art, museums and businesses. Clients include: Sainsbury's, BBC, ITV, Not On The High Street, Molton Brown, Yeo Valley,  MIND,  Jo Malone, The Idris Shah Foundation, National Trust and The Modern Calligraphy Company

2010 - present
2010 - present
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