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Making Tiny Shops!

I had the great pleasure of teaching a two day class for The Stitchery and it was so much fun sat working with a group of really enthusiatic ladies who were so full of creative ideas! Before I taught the class I thought that one of the most difficult parts would be which shop to make but for everyone the decision was almost instant. I'm sharing some pictures and ideas which will hopefully inspire your own tiny shops. Check out the online version of this workshop here!

Nicki's beautiful bookshop

Jules's fabulous milliner's taking shape!

Glyn's bookshop looks so cosy!

You can buy anything in Ali's shop!

I love how Sharon has included lace in the sign for her shop

Can you see the cosy chair and woodburner in Fi's book shop specialising in Children's books

Some inspired exterior additions to Susan's post office...the bike is a great idea!

I'm delighted that Lisa's shop sells both glamourous gowns and wellies!

Julie's general stores was inspired by a family business. She's collaged the interior with old christmas cards

The tiny details are the best bit about creating the interiors. Ali kept suprising us with miniature books, cards, magazines and can you spot the string of paper bags ready to receive the weighed out sweets?

Here's Ali again with another mini publication and a there's fairy sized paper dress all ready to go in Lisa's boutique!

Scroll through some of the small details and peep into the windows...can you spot little Frank? He's Lisa cat in real life and when she found his name in a book she knew he had to feature in her shop somewhere!

What a brilliant collection and so much fun to create! I hope this has given you some inspiration for your own little shop!


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