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Creative Pressie ideas

This is a handy list of creative presents which I hope are thoughtful and will be well received by arty people!

I'm often asked 'What should I buy my artist friend for christmas? ...she's got everything!' Hopefully there will be something here.

I really like to give small gift bundles which contain a little collection of well thoughtout goodies. It's always so nice to receive something you can enjoy in a special moment to yourself. A good book and a bar or chocolate, a magazine and some posh teabags are really welcome and invite the recipient to take some time for themselves as is a homemade voucher for a walk and tea/cake at a nice little indie coffee shop!

These might be in a bit of a random order but I do hope you enjoy looking through the links!

Something to do...(always the best present in my mind!)

  • Top of my list and brilliant for adults and older kids is some paper automata (moving paper sculpture). Cool for Cats makes some brilliant kits also take a look at Benjamin Pollock's toy shop for paper theatres. The kits take a while to build...much longer than lego and are nice to work on through an extended holiday like Christmas. Leave set up in a corner and work away at it listening to a nice festive audio book. Some strong glue, a cutting mat, scalpel, metal ruler and paper clips are a good addition to the kits. (Who doesn't want a medical grade scalpel in their Christmas stocking?!!)

  • My collage summer job was at Wentworth Wooden Puzzles. I worked there for a few years and have a collection of the reject, faulty festive puzzles which come out every year! They are beautifully made, really traditional and always make me feel christmassy!

  • Cut and Stick! If you know someone who liked to cut out stuff from magazines and catalogues when they were little, then these cut out books may be a perfect gift! There's loads of them on every theme imaginable! Wrap up with some nice little sharp scissors (to go with the scalpel!), some glue and an inexpensive scrapbook.

  • My favourite calendar is A Year in the Country. I buy it every year as Iike looking at the beautiful illustrations by Matthew Rice. I also learn a lot from reading it. Each month is like a visual journal page!

  • A gift for a gardener: Ceramic slugs for house plants!I gave some of these to my Mum a few years a go and they mysteriously make their way around the house...magic!

  • A few packets of interesting seeds make lovely gifts. I like Chiltern Seeds and they always send out the most beautiful catalogues which are so inspiring! OR make your own seed packet and fill with collected seed from your garden!

  • Parlour Games for Modern Families. Bring this book along to a family Christmas celebration...don't forget a few useful items like dice, paper, pens (no need to bring the scalpel that you got in your stocking unless you have some bad losers in your clan and think it will turn nasty) ... Oh, and a home-made trophy (a wooden spoon which has been written on with a sharpie marker will do the job!)


I wish I had the time to write reviews for all of these..I don't, but suffice to say, that these are my absolute favourites...cosy, heartwarming, festive and perfect to snuggle on the sofa with...

Grown ups/older kids

Fell Farm for Christmas (for bigger kids...very old fashioned story)


Creative Books

Drawing for Illustration by Martin Salisbury

The Illustrated Dust Jacket by Martin Salisbury

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott Instructions on writing and life...good if you like to add text to your journals

Judith Kerr's Creatures A celebration of life and work...lovely sketchbooks!

Spring Cannot be Cancelled by David Hockney and Martin Gayford

Eric Ravilious Scrapbooks by Peyton Skipworth and Brian Webb

Make a Present:

I made these needle felted angels one year there's loads of tutorials online and really easy!

Make a paper star and tie to a hamper or gift bag

Have ago at easy Macramé christmas trees

Give someone (ME!) a bag of Nadia's meringue lolly pops!

Make personalised peg fairies Good for using up scraps of paper and fabric!

Happy Christmas!

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Cora Brown
Cora Brown
02 de dez. de 2022

I read Spring Cannot Be Cancelled by Hockney and Gayford last year. It was so inspiring. Can't wait to look at some of the other books on your list.


Thank you so much Lucia .. that’s my Chri presents for me snd friends sorted 😉

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