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Creating Rubber Stamps with Susie Hetherington

Behind the scenes in the Wild Ink workshop...

There's been a visitor! Here I am in my studio with the very lovely Susie Hetherington who came to teach me how to cut some alphabet rubber stamps. You can see from my expressive arms that I was very excited about it all! Take a look at Susie's beautiful work here!

Susie's a great teacher, her tips and techniques were so helpful and she will feature in the workshop recording that I'm currently creating on how to make your own rubber stamped alphabets. Building your very own unique, stamped alphabet, I have concluded, is a really useful way of overcoming the huge 'problem' of lettering in your journals and sketchbooks. I know that loads of you have collections of shop bought craft alphabets so why not have a go at making your own! There won't be another one like it!

I have created a collection of beautiful, hand drawn (and a bit wonky!) alphabet tracing sheets (so you don't need to be a pro-level lettering artist!) and will show you how to turn them into a collection of rubber stamps that you can use time and time again. There's so many inspiring ways to apply your own personal alphabet: in journals, sketchbooks, artist books, greetings cards and stationary. They will definitely be a really useful addition to your creative kit!

In this class you will learn:

  • The Best Cheats and Tips! You don't need to to be able to draw letters! There are printable tracing sheets with my own hand drawn alphabets (Shh..I won't tell anyone of you don't...!)

  • How to Get Started! Brilliant advice for beginners on materials and techniques by pattern maker and rubber stamp supremo Susie Hetherington

  • Inspiring ideas! A collection of mini projects and ideas on creative ways to use your alphabet

  • Personalisation! How to turn your own handwriting into a rubber-stamp alphabet!

This is a pre-recorded workshop and will be available to buy in my shop on 9th November.

There will also be an opportunity to cut and craft your alphabets with me and others at the Zoom work-a-long on 16th November (This will be free and open to anyone who has purchased the class before 16th Nov)


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