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Joining in with a live class

How it works

It's really easy!


All the workshops are presented live via zoom. When you book on and you will be sent confirmation and a Zoom link.


On the morning of the event (UK time) you will receive an additional email which has printable references and a materials list. 

(The materials are always listed in the event details at the point of booking if you want to get organised or purchase anything especially)

Click on the Zoom link 5 minutes before the class and you will be in the waiting room until the class begins and the host (that's me!) opens the virtual doors.


If you are new to Zoom you will need to create an account. There are some really good instructional videos on You Tube like this one

I can't make the live workshop, can I still join in?

Yes! If you've booked onto a class you will be sent the recording of the workshop the following day which you will have access to for 7 days

How do I get unlimited access?

The workshop recording will be automatically added to your Wild Ink Library a few days after the live event has taken place. If you don't have a library, you can create one by trying my free doodle bird workshop. 

What materials do I need?

The projects and materials used in the workshops vary depending on the project. The basic materials and any extras are always written in the workshop details (sometimes you need to click 'read more' to reveal all the info)


It's good to have a basic art kit to hand. If you are wondering what to buy, click below for some more detailed information, what sort of stuff can be purchased cheaply and where to splash out.

Can I buy previously recorded classes?

Yes you can! They are all available in my shop...

How can I be the first to find out about new classes?

Sign up to my newsletter! I send it out once a month there's all the info about up and coming workshops as well as lovely stuff to do, inspiring arty bits and bobs, book recommendations, pictures of my art projects and sketchbooks and other creative discoveries I have made that month.

I'm a beginner...can I still still join in?

Yes! The projects can be as easy or tricky as you like! There is a sliding scale of teaching so if you are a beginner you choose the more guided approach, if you have more experience you can use your existing skills and apply to the project.


These classes are similar to using a cookery book whereby I provide the project, the theme and techniques as well as visual references (method, recipe and ingredients) and you can use these limits to 'cook' your own art. As you become more confident you can obviously add and take away 'ingredients' and follow the method fully or deviate as you please or as your skill level allows.


This means that the lessons really do to appeal to a very broad range of creatives whatever your experience level.  


'Help! I can't draw! I'm scared of the blank page! Will these workshops help?'

Abso-flippin-lutely! Many of the lessons are in illustrative techniques which I always think is like revealing a set of magic tricks and allow a lot of 'rule breaking' (there are, in fact, no rules...only in your head!) 


During the classes, we mix different types of media and find easier ways to make and create working with the belief that a sketchbook is a work book which reveals, teaches and collects your learning, thoughts, inspirations and experiments so it's a great place to make 'mistakes' (there are lots of ways to cover up the ones you can't bear to look at!).


Through these workshops you will grow more confident using basic tools. If you like drawing you can free hand draw the elements, if you are new to drawing you can trace and transfer and limit your drawing to more simple shapes until you get more confident. 

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