Buttons, button, buttons!!! Dig out your old button tin and use some some pretty, vintage buttons to inspire these gorgeous little cards!


We will be using beautiful old haberdashery emphemera to inspire this week's project and, if you are a regular you'll know, as always, there are so many possibilities! You could add real buttons to these 'cut-out-and-keep' cards or illustrate and stitch on paper buttons. During the session, I'll even show you how to add these illustrations to a tiny button book. 


You could create these little cards in a sketchbook to make a beautiful full page spread or create small exquisite artworks to add to greetings cards and artist books. The choice is yours! 


Excellent for all abilities, especially beginners.


What you get when you buy:

  • A recording of the live workshop
  • Printable References
  • Materials List
  • Instruction sheets

Vintage Button Books & Cards


    • Fine liners (waterproof, nib size 0.5mm and 0.1mm) in brown or black
    • Pencil 2B/HB, eraser and sharpener
    • An A3 or A4 sheet of watercolour paper OR heavyweight cartridge paper and/or a sketchbook with good quality mixed media paper.
    • Scraps of card/cartridge paper to make the buttons.
    • Gouache paints (You can use watercolours)
    • Mixing Palette
    • Paintbrushes (round, pointed, approx size 6, 4, 2)
    • Coloured pencils (Good Quality)
    • Water pot
    • Printable References
    • Real Buttons if you have them.
    • Needle and thread
    • Scissors, Glue stick or double sided tap
    • Tracing paper (or use the image transfer technique demo in video*)
    • *Additional materials for image transfer (Optional:see