What you get:

  • Video of the Live Workshop
  • Printable House Refences
  • Full Instructions with a materials list


Learn easy and effective techniques for sketching buildings and fill a sketchbook!


A house can tell a story of a region or country. Many houses carry their own special story which is why they are such good sketchbook fodder. If you're daunted by what to sketch when you are out and about or traveling then a little house can be a good place to start and works as a great theme for a travel journal or artist's book.


During this workshop you will learn how to sketch in an illustrative style which can be applied not just to houses but buildings in general. Illustrative sketching allows lots of artistic licence which, as you will see, is very helpful when drawing houses because it allows you to cheat..A LOT!


Use these techniques to fill a sketchbook just with houses or add to your current sketchbook or journaling practice. I will take you on a special V.I.P tour of my 'housey' sketchbook which I hope will inspire and give you loads of ideas to explore yourself. Everyone welcome, this workshop is suitable for all abilities but especially beginners and improvers.

Sketchbook Workshop: Drawing Houses

    • Pencil 2B or softer
    • Eraser, Pencil sharpener
    • A sketchbook or heavyweight A4 cartridge paper or smooth watercolour paper
    • A waterproof fine liner pen
    • OPTIONAL: A waterproof brush pen: I like the Zebra WFT52 Brush pen as it's double ended with a flexible tip. Approx £3.95 from Cult Pens but use any that you have or just try with a brush and paint.
    • Watercolour or gouache paint (I will be demoing in watercolour)
    • Mixing palette (or china plate)
    • A few brushes size 6-8...maybe a smaller one like a size 4 but I tend to work with big brushes.
    • White gel pen/posca paint pen in white 0.7mm nib (Ultra Fine)
    • Optional: Marker pens, dip nib and holder, indian ink, soft