Create an illustrated version of your own garden or imagine the perfect one of your dreams! This amazing pop up can be added to cards and sketchbooks for an additional exciting element and is so easy to create!


During this workshop, you will learn how to simplify complex elements and images picking only the essential information to illustrate which is REALLY liberating! The images become more illustrative and easier to draw and paint.


A beautiful layered paper garden will appear to grow before your very eyes! The project is built up slowly so you can easily test the layout of your piece and add or take away parts before all the elements are stuck down.


Your design could be very small and simple OR lavish and complex by simply adding more or less illustrative elements which makes this such a fun and addictive workshop (and nice to potter with as you would in a real garden!).


You will learn LOADS of beautiful illustrative techniques during this tutorial and the great thing is that the same techniques can be applied in loads of different ways.


During this workshop, I show you how to construct a card/book format in which to stick your garden BUT I will also show you examples of how you can stick the elements into old tins and small boxes. If this is something you're interested in, have a rummage around in your craft supplies for some suitable vestles in which to 'grow' your collaged garden!



This is a fun and friendly class suitable for all abilities



What you get when you buy:

  • A recording of the live workshop
  • Printable References
  • Tracing References
  • Ideas Cheat Sheet
  • Materials List
  • Instruction sheets

Pop Up Secret Gardens for Cards and Sketchbooks