These paper angels will brighten up any tree or present!


What about making loads and creating some angel bunting?


With an easy cut out pattern sheet, the painful parts of this craft project are removed leaving you with some beautiful painting and creative patterning to do. Learn some easy illustrative painting techniques and add elegant decoration to their hats, crowns and dresses and wings.


You might be very reserved with your angel fashions but maybe not...Gold? Glitter? Jewels? Sequins? Yes please! Beware ...this is a highly addictive workshop!!


Suitable for all abilities


What you get when you buy:

  • A recording of the live workshop
  • Printable References
  • Materials List
  • Instruction sheets
  • Reprintable cut-out templates

Painted Paper Angels

  • Watercolour paints

    Brushes ( Round size 2,4,6/8)

    A water pot

    Black fine liners, must be waterproof, small nib ( 0.1mm)

    Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener

    A piece of tracing paper


    Double sided tape is best for sticking the angel together (otherwise a glue stick will do)

    A few A4 pieces of heavyweight cartridge paper OR hot pressed watercolour paper OR Card.

    Some sort of 'resist' for the watercolour. The simplest resist could be a birthday candle or children's wax crayon.

    Coloured pencils

    Thread/twine/thin ribbon/stringa needle/awl/small hole punch

    Good to have but not essential:Gouache/and or coloured pencilsColiro/finetec metallic watercolour paint OR gold/silver gouacheSparkly metallic gel pens or any gel pens!

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