These are SO MUCH FUN to make!!! During this workshop you will learn how to bind a tiny book and add then beautiful illustrations and text to it on the theme of seeds and planting. Perhaps you could use it as a creative record of what you grow in your garden this year?


You could choose to focus on your favourite plants, speciality plants, wild flowers, fruit, veg or combine them all! This little book could be popped into a paper pocket and added to a garden sketchbook as an interactive element or be given to a friend who likes gardening.


The mini book itself is full of painted and collaged elements which can be as simple or complex as you choose. You might like to add lettering which could be printed, hand drawn or collaged. You will learn how to create and combine all these elements into a visually effective design.


We will be drawing and painting during this workshop but the shapes and systems are really simple so perfect for beginners and those who want to build up their creative courage. Those with more experience are very welcome to bring more complexity the design.



What you get when you buy:

  • A recording of the live workshop
  • Printable References
  • Tracing References
  • Ideas Cheat Sheet
  • Materials List
  • Instruction sheets

Mini Book: Vintage Seed Catalogue


    • Eraser and pencil sharpener

    • Pencils: 2B and HB

    • Old book pages for upcycling (from a charity shop/car boot sale) If you prefer, you could use cartridge paper or brown kraft paper

    • Some scrap paper or cheap printer paper if you would like to sew a practice book before you sew the real thing

    • A large darning style needle

    • Some thick thread/twine/wool that will go through the eye of the needle.

    • A blunt butter knife or bone folder

    • A water proof fine liner pen

    • Gouache paint and/or Watercolour Paint

    • Mixing palette (or china plate)

    • Brushes size 2, 4 and 6

    • Water pot

    • Kitchen Roll

    • Coloure