Funky, flat, peep toe, ballet, chunky, boots, sandals, platform, ancient, modern,  high, low, painful, practical...what you choose to wear on your feet might differ from what you choose to draw in this fun vintage fashion workshop! 


The aim of 'drop in and draw' is to provide an  opportunity to practice some techniques at home which you can then use whilst sketching in 'the wild'! Come and draw with me as we visit museums, collections, go on virtual city breaks,  and rummage through junk shops to find a host of interesting objects to explore...all from the comfort of our own sofa! Sketch quirky, beautiful and unique objects which all have their own tale to tell!


All of the drop in and draw sessions will begin with a demo of some techniques that you will find fun and useful to try out during the session which really help with getting going (something that we all of find difficult at times!). We will then have a go at drawing some objects, starting with quick loose warm up exercises and then moving onto longer timed sketches.  The aim of these classes is to sketch quietly and peacefully with opportunities to chat and ask questions inbetween each of the sketches. With regular drawing practice, you will grow in confidence and ability really quickly and your sketchbook will fill up in record quick time! 


This workshop is suitable for all experience levels


What you get when you buy:

  • A recording of the live workshop
  • Printable Materials List
  • Printable 'inspiration' references to sketch 

Drop in and Draw 3: Vintage Shoes and Boots