Abstract Journaling is like abstract art...you are recording not just what you see but what you experience with your other senses.


During this session I will show you a range of techniques you can add to your visual journal to give variety and depth of meaning. This is a great way to deepen your experience of a time or place and an amazing way to record something quickly and spontaneously.


It can be hard to get going with a sketchbook so pop in and join my regular sketchbook group whenever you feel like it! This small informal sketchbook group meets every two weeks and provides creative support, tuition, inspirational prompts and guidance to help start or develop your sketchbook practice. By using a sketchbook to record life's events, big and small or as a safe place to experiment and find your inner artist, you can learn a lot about yourself whilst developing your own creative skills. Maybe you want to loosen up, learn to draw, paint, write, collage, experiment...a sketchbook is the place for all that and more!


What you get when you buy:

  • A recording of the live workshop
  • Printable References
  • Post class creative challenge task list



Sketchbook Club 4: Visual Journaling without Drawing

  • A piece of card/old cereal box/brown envelope to make a viewfinder



    Pencil sharpener

    A sketchbook!

    Loose sheets of A4 cartridge paper/watercolour paper

    A waterproof fine liner pen

    Some wet media (e.g watercolours OR felt tips OR Gouache)

    Mixing palette for paint if using (or china plate)

    A brush size 6 or 8 or water brush pen

    Water pot

    Kitchen Roll

    Some dry media (e.g Coloured pencils, soft leaded pencil/charcoal/graphite stick, candle/wax crayon/white oil pastel, watercolour pencils)

    Ruler (optional), scissors, glue

    Kitchen roll

    Use the printable references  OR your own holiday photos of a location and details in that location

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