Lose yourself in a project with endless directions and creative possibilities. Once you start making mini maps you'll be hooked!


These gorgeous little maps are so addictive and fun to do. You can add them to a sketchbook giving it a 'vintage field notes' look or why not add mini maps to your travel journal to tell the story of a journey? Maybe you will create a map of a special location or wedding venue or use them on personal stationary and greetings cards. Make a map of your garden to add to a nature or garden journal...Oh, my goodness...there's SO many options!


This relaxing workshop combines illustration and collage techniques. Spend a heavenly two hours pottering with paper, paint and found text. You will learn all about layout, quick painting and layering techniques and collage. There so many little tips along the way that help you to find a pathway to creative freedom! Hooray!


What you get when you buy:

  • A recording of the live workshop
  • Printable map references
  • Materials List
  • Printable 'inspiration' references


Suitable for all abilities

A Marvellous Mini Map Making Workshop!

    • A pen with waterproof Ink: This could be a fine liner (waterproof, nib size 0.5mm and 0.1mm) in brown or black (NB. Brown fine liner gives a lovely sepia feel to the design) or a fountain pen with waterproof ink.
    • Pencil 2B/HB, eraser, sharpener
    • Watercolour paper or heavyweight cartridge paper or sketchbook
    • Watercolour paints
    • Palette
    • Paintbrushes (Round size 6 and 4)
    • Optional: coloured pencils, water-soluble coloured pencils, marker pens,
    • Water pot
    • Kitchen Roll
    • Scissors and a glue stick
    • Something from which you can cut out words (old book...Mills&Boon is ace...or 50 Shades of Grey? a magazine, newspaper, junk mail etc.. Old maps can be really useful and you pick these up very cheaply from a charity shop or car boot sale. They don't need to be of your specific area. Old books and magazines which you are happy to cut up and relate to the type of map you want to make are great for this workshop. For example, if your are making a garden map then old garden magazines and books can be a helpful source of text) 
    • You will receive links to download your Digital products in the 'Thank You' page of the Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days. Because this is a downloadable product, we don't accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. But please contact us if you have any problems with your order. We'd be happy to help!
    • This project is for personal use only and for the purchasing recepient only. The sale of art made from this workshop, or the re-sale of the workshop is forbidden. If you are going to be making a commercial art product based on this workshop with the intention of selling it, please contact me to purchase a commercial licence.